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The author of the Biography of Sinsin Augustin Brice is  Dr Roland Holou. Roland Holou is a scientist, a businessman, a published author, and an international consultant. His areas of expertise are agribusiness, biotechnology, diaspora engagement, Africa development, plant biology, genetics, physiology, rangeland management, soil science, microbiology, entomology, biochemistry, ecology, and statistics. Dr. Roland Holou is a dual citizen of Benin Republic (West Africa) and the USA.


He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Agronomy and his Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Abomey Calavi in Benin. He has a Ph.D. in Plant, Insect and Microbial Sciences at the University of Missouri (USA) where he graduated as the Doctoral Marshal (first of his class). He  is the Founder and CEO of DiasporaEngager (www.DiasporaEngager.com), the premier global diaspora engagement network platform


Roland Holou is the author of the following books:

The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders

The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders

Holou R.A.Y. 2016. The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders. ISBN: 978-1-52460-559-9. USA. 336p.

In this comprehensive reference and background book, Dr. Roland Holou (www.RolandHolou.com) highlights the lives, visions, achievements, policies, and strategies of exceptional contemporary African Diaspora leaders across the globe. This inspirational collection of biographies motivates, challenges, and encourages current and future generations of people of African descent to take initiative and offers guidance to those interested in Africa’s development. It enlightens and empowers readers with stories that showcase the diversity, complexity, and richness of the ongoing global African Diaspora engagement efforts. It also presents powerful accounts of experiences, growth, struggle, failure, and success that will provoke interest in the field of Diaspora engagement and inspire readers to stand up and face life’s many challenges.

The featured leaders are known for their long-lasting achievements. Their impressive actions both contributed to important historical movements that significantly shaped and transformed the lives and history of people of African descent and removed major roadblocks preventing the prosperity of Africa and its Diaspora. They have brought about enormous and rare progress that would have been impossible without their leadership; their contributions have greatly improved the freedom and economic and political development of Africa and its Diaspora. If you are interested in learning the secrets of these modern leaders who have accomplished outstanding tasks and demonstrated professional excellence and character while performing duties related to Africa and its Diaspora, then this is the book for you.

Since influence can have negative effects as well, this book also addresses destructive actions of certain leaders that are pulling down both Africa and its peopleGet your copy of the book at http://africandiasporaleaders.com/order



9782343064789vHolou R.A.Y., 2015. Biographie de Brice Augustin Sinsin : Vie, succès, et secrets d’un intellectuel et développeur Africain. Éditions l’Harmattan. ISBN 978-2-343-06478-9. Paris, France. 300 pages.

Abstract: The 18 chapters of that book revealed the true facets and secrets of his masterful journey. Indeed, Brice Sinsin is a Beninese, a beloved father, a tireless leader, a rigorous developer, a generous educator, an undeniable reformer, and a proven scientist that has braved everything in his life, from childhood to the top of modern science where the sweat of his brow raised him to an internationally acclaimed reputation. Forerunner of a new approach to science policy for the emergence and development of nations, Prof Brice Sinsin is a model that all generations are invited to imitate and seek to surpass. His biography explains how this Beninese works on the basis of principles and passions that hide the code of his success that many seek to emulate without wanting to pay the price. In the 300 page biography, Prof Sinsin also proposes strategies to reform the African democracy and constitutions to suit the needs of the African people, learn from traditional leadership systems in Africa, make African countries more national and patriotic, reform politics in Africa and better train the African diplomats. The author ended the biography with a critical conclusion and a fervent prayer. To get your copy of the biography, please click here.
To learn more, please click on this article: Brice Augustin Sinsin: The Famous Intellectual and Developer that the Diaspora and their Stakeholders Must Know

Résumé de la biographie de Prof Brice Sinsin: Dans cette biographie, Dr Roland Holou dévoile les vraies facettes et secrets du parcours magistral du Professeur Brice Augustin Sinsin, un Béninois, père de famille, infatigable leader, rigoureux développeur, généreux éducateur, incontestable réformateur, et un passionné de la recherche scientifique, qui a tout bravé dans sa vie, depuis son enfance jusqu’au sommet de la science moderne où la sueur de son front l’a hissé avec une renommée internationalement applaudie. Précurseur d’une nouvelle approche sur la politique scientifique pour l’émergence et le développement des nations, le recteur Brice Sinsin est un modèle que la génération montante et de relève est invitée à imiter et chercher à surpasser. Ce livre explique comment cet Africain fonctionne sur la base de passions et principes qui cachent le code de sa réussite que beaucoup cherchent à imiter sans vouloir payer le prix. Il propose aussi des stratégies pour réformer la démocratie et les constitutions africaines en vue de les adapter aux besoins du peuple africain, tirer leçons des systèmes de chefferies traditionnelles en Afrique, faire des pays africains des États-Nations, reformer la politique en Afrique et la formation des diplomates Africains. L’auteur termine cet ouvrage par une conclusion critique et une prière fervente. Voir www.BriceSinsin.com pour détails. Pour savoir de plus, visitez cet article: Biographie de Sinsin Augustin Brice: L’incontestable contemporain réformateur Africain de l’UAC Bénin


Faillite des cadres africains9782296061453r BackLa faillite des cadres et intellectuels africains. Éditions l’Harmattan. France. ISBN 978-2-296-06145-3.

Abstract: Since the era of slavery and colonialism, African intellectuals have been thinking about ways to develop themselves and their continent, but they have not found a definitive solution to their misery yet. It is imperative to reflect on the roots of the evils and problems affecting these intellectuals, then enlighten people and nations so that positive reforms can be undertaken to advance the Africans and better equip/empower them to meet their developmental challenges. After thoroughly reviewing how foreign powers weakens and seek to control Africa, this book analyzes the real problems and solutions of the African intellectuals, the main resource that needs to be unleashed to sustainably develop Africa from within.

Résumé: Depuis l’ère de l’esclavage, du colonialisme jusqu’à nos jours, l’intellectuel africain réfléchit mais n’a pas encore trouvé la solution définitive à sa misère. Il faut réfléchir sur les maux de ces intellectuels, éclairer les uns et les autres, afin que des réformes soient entreprises dans le but d’épanouir les Africains et de mieux les outiller pour relever les défis. Ainsi, après avoir décrit comment les puissances étrangères anéantissent et cherchent à contrôler l’Afrique, cet ouvrage analyse les problèmes de ces intellectuels.


A continent in tears 978-3-639-76428-4-fullA continent in tears: The origin of Africa’s collapse and how to reverse it. Scholars’ Press. Germany. ISBN-13: 978-3-639-76428-4.

Abstract: Launching Africa into prosperity: a compelling solution-directed study of African culture, assets, underdevelopment, poverty and potential by a native born African scientist. A deep analysis of the real causes of African poverty and the solutions to launch Africa prosperity with an insider’s review of deeply held beliefs and practices that bar progress. After a review on Africa development, the author demonstrates the importance of human resources in the process of launching Africa. Educational and religious problems are identified. The main roots of Africa underdevelopment are analyzed and discussed: brain drain of educated, creative and innovative citizens; regional and tribal wars; lack of a relevant educational system; common African cultural thought conditioning and the mentality that blocks progress; management of natural resources and how other countries are poaching Africa’s resources; witchcraft and aberrant spiritualism as a deterrent to progress; political and administrative corruption; characteristics of leaders Africa needs; impact of uniting African nations; procreation issues; African intoxication with all things Western that are not in its best interest.


Pourquoi l'Afrique Pleure et s'enfonce978-3-8416-6412-9-fullPourquoi l’Afrique pleure et s’enfonce? Les vraies causes et solutions de la misère africaine. Editions Universitaires Européennes. Allemagne. ISBN-13: 978-3-8416-6412-9.

Résumé: Ce livre est une étude approfondie du sous-développement de l’Afrique par un scientifique Africain. Il fait une analyse systémique des vrais maux qui minent l’essor des pays africains. Apres une revue de littérature sur le développement de l’Afrique et les dérapages professionnels des cadres africains, l’importance de la ressource humaine et du savoir dans le processus de développement de l’Afrique a été démontrée. L’analyse des problèmes de développement a porté sur les carences des systèmes éducatifs, le manque de réflexion, les problèmes d’intelligence et de créativité, la recherche scientifique, le négativisme, le bûching, la corruption, la gestion des ressources naturelles, la procréation, la sorcellerie, la politique, le syndicalisme, l’ignorance, la mentalité africaine, la responsabilisation et la conscientisation des Africains, les intoxications des puissances étrangères, la fuite des cerveaux et l’engagement des diasporas. Des exemples d’élites dont l’Afrique a besoin ont été dressés. Ce livre fournit à toute personne préoccupée par le développement de l’Afrique, un outil d’information, de réflexion et de travail sur comment lancer les pays africains dans la prospérité.


Front BackLe bûching et le développement en Afrique. Imprimerie COMAFRIC (Première édition). Cotonou, Benin. 192p. Dépôt légal:  N° 3298 du 22 mars 2007 Bibliothèque Nationale 1er Trimestre Porto Novo, Bénin.  ISBN: 978-99919-62-05-4.






Previous editions:

A continent in tears (this edition of the book is sold out)




Pourquoi l’Afrique pleure et s’enfonce? (this edition of the book is sold out)

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To contact Dr Roland Holou, please click here or email rholou@yahoo.com.

To learn more about Dr Roland Holou, please visit his official website: www.RolandHolou.com.

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